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Physician from  India ,developed passion for photography, very late of course ,but no regrets , into amateur photography


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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I am much like you. I had taken an occasional picture in the past. Last year, I started to be a photographer. I have learned many things and still have more to learn.

    Started late? No, our age is just a number. We are as young in spirit as we wish to be. I hope you continue your journey too!

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      1. You are welcome. I will be 60 next year and I am not slowing down. Too many people my age are sitting and complaining about their aches and pains. It is such a shame and a waste. In the near future we will be hiking in the Smoky Mountains then touring in Germany shortly after that.

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  2. Hi Dr. Sridhar,
    Where do you live in Chennai? Where do you work? I do not see many pics on your blog about the floods in Chennai. I hope you are going to publish them.


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  3. What’s all this age concern about??
    Firstly in my opinion, there is no age barrier that I am aware of which suggests being 60 or indeed 60 plus makes one jot of difference when it comes to photography.
    I am in the age bracket you are referring to and like to think I am able to record the world I see, in a way which is unique to me and which warms my soul.
    I just wanted to add that I am impressed with your photography and was extremely pleased that you have chosen to now visit and follow my own blog.
    You sir also posses a rare gift, and it is one of humility.
    Just go out there and take pictures; the world of WordPress is waiting to support and encourage you. Even the more senior contributors such as myself.
    Kind Regards

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    1. Thank you Bob Mills for these kind words.I am encouraged and feel taking more photographs to the maximum with the available time(for a medical professional like me ). You are right in every aspect. I am 60 +. I regret of not starting photography much earlier.I am also going through your photos and narrations and started enjoying.Thank you so much again for the supportive words. Energized indeed !
      Kind regards.
      Let us keep in touch


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