Oh! Oh Seven !!

License to Lock

The popular British Spy James Bond goes by two names, James Bond and  007.

I don’t understand why the number 007 is more popular than the name James Bond.Don’t you think it is too much to name even a basic lock after 007 ?

In a lighter note…. there is a joke that 007 is a nickname given to surgeons who tend to kill their patients or the phrase ‘Here comes 007 ‘



“Childhood” – A part of life that creates beautiful memories


How I remember my childhood days when owning a telephone was beyond reach and we as kids used to play telephone conversations using  empty matchbox and a string as depicted in the cartoon.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all Life’s Seasons-unknown

Childhood memories Source E-science Center
Hello..hello.. can you hear me ?

‘Hiding Heads’

Street Photography is such a wonderful Genre ,in which  one comes across funny moments, that can disappear in fraction of second !!



‘Evolution of the Photographer’

Hasselblad H4D 200MS
All the amateurs care about, is the, EQUIPMENT
All the pros care about is,being ‘PAID’
All the masters care about ,is the LIGHT

” My way or High Way “

untitled (10 of 14)
I don’t care about what people think,because people don’t think.I Can manage things single handedly

Fine.we’ll compr0mise.I’ll will get my Way and you ‘ll find a Way to be OK with that.

Wisdom Quotes by Time tested Scholars

Money says Earn me …Forget everything
Time says…Follow me and Forget everything
Future says …Struggle for me , forget everything
God says …Just remember me ..I will give you everything.

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