I finally realized it.People are prisoners of their Phones.That is why they are called ‘Cell’ Phones

Why the Red color is associated with Danger ?

Most of the Sign Boards showing DANGER AHEAD is painted in Red .Is there any psychological basis ?

As you notice in the photo

The gentleman’s shirt is red,the Lady’s churidar ( churidar pyjamas are tightly fitting trousers worn by both men & woman in South Asia ) is red,her footwear is red in color,the paint on the wall and so of its border .Is this observation just a coincidence ?

Present day, people are hooked/addicted to the cell phones so much that they forget their immediate  surrounding making them unaware of the dangers in the front.

In this photo, if you closely observe ,  the lady’s foot is on the manhole cover and she is busy chatting.

Imagine for a second ,  the ‘fate’ ……if the manhole cover is absent or partially removed for repair etc …Ankle sprains to fracture to head injury to sometimes death !


Concentrating on two things at one time( a sort of Multitasking), in other words one shot, two birds..source  MPSRTC