Hang’em Dry

Life is too short to wear boring cloths

With rise in Electricity charges,drying cloths in the balcony of of multi floor apartments has become a common sight.

Earlier it used be an eyesore and now it has become an accepted norm.

I understand it is illegal in some Countries,not sure which country.

Definitely  balcony becoming a Laundry is a ‘Go Green’ phenomenon.

Food for thought….Yearly Emissions created by Electric cloth drying is equivalent to burning of 114 gallons of gasoline in an automobile,It will take 46 trees on full year to clean up the co2 !



Red→Sign of Danger ?

I finally realized it.People are prisoners of their Phones.That is why they are called ‘Cell’ Phones

Why the Red color is associated with Danger ?

Most of the Sign Boards showing DANGER AHEAD is painted in Red .Is there any psychological basis ?

As you notice in the photo

The gentleman’s shirt is red,the Lady’s churidar ( churidar pyjamas are tightly fitting trousers worn by both men & woman in South Asia ) is red,her footwear is red in color,the paint on the wall and so of its border .Is this observation just a coincidence ?

Present day, people are hooked/addicted to the cell phones so much that they forget their immediate  surrounding making them unaware of the dangers in the front.

In this photo, if you closely observe ,  the lady’s foot is on the manhole cover and she is busy chatting.

Imagine for a second ,  the ‘fate’ ……if the manhole cover is absent or partially removed for repair etc …Ankle sprains to fracture to head injury to sometimes death !


Concentrating on two things at one time( a sort of Multitasking), in other words one shot, two birds..source  MPSRTC


Advice from the Ocean

“The thing about meditation is : You become more and more you”            David Lynch

Be ‘Shore’ of yourself

Come out of your ‘Shell’

Take time to relax & ‘Coast’

Avoid ‘Pier’ pressure

‘Sea’ life is beauty

Don’t get ‘Tide’ down

Make ‘Waves’


‘Ignore English at your peril’

Though English is not my mother tongue,  Making my best efforts to make you understand

Food for thought ….. Distinction Between ‘English Users’ & ‘English Speakers’ ???


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