‘News Reader’

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‘To know is to know that you know nothing.That is the meaning of true knowledge’… Socrates

” If you don’t read the Newspaper,you’re


If you read the Newspaper, you’re Misinformed”

Mark Twain


‘Burnt out Life’

Burnt out  (1 of 1)
Sorrowing Soul

A burnt Cigarette Ash said:

Today it”s me, Because of you ! but

Tomorrow it is you, Because of me !!!



Heart-to-heart (1 of 1)
 Having Heart

Happiness is……having a heart-to – heart with someone you trust

‘Unity at its Best’

Feast on Banana Leaf

Feast is one happy occasion everybody loves and enjoys.

Feast is complete with main courses and desserts.

As you can notice in this photo,the Guests who are there for the Feast,keeping their hands ( as if pre planned  )across as if they are united in refusing to be served even before the Host started serving the food……Amazing sight !!!

What the Hell is happening here ?

Some interesting facts about eating on Banana leaves.

The traditional South Indian meal includes eating on a banana leaf,instead of Plates as in the rest of India.

Food is relished by eating with Hands ( hand to mouth !!).

It is said that the food tastes best and eating in banana leaves helps in easy digestion.

The rule is,bigger side of the leaf should be on your Right hand side.

The Leaf is washed with water before serving the food. ( to remove the dirt ).

Disposable of used leaves is easy unlike Plastic stuff, thus eco friendly.


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