On the way to ? Heaven ?? Hell

On the way to  Heaven or Hell

Scenes like the above Photograph are very common in India,especially during the Major Festival Seasons.

What do you think of the ‘thoughts’ of these creatures of God,as they are lead tothe Butcher’s knife ?

I came across an interesting organisation based in UK.If you are interested and find some time ,please go through the same to know FACTS.




‘The Closer, the better

Toughest job on the Earth


Image source / credit ; http://www.fancy.francy.com

Guess….What is the toughest job on Earth ?

Googling gives you billion answers in nanosecond ! Nothing to compare to what I am going to tell.

If you are eager to know , just answer the following question.

How to tell someone that their breath stinks without hurting their feelings ?

1. When. 2. Where and 3. how to say nice words at the same time stressing the point.

Many times we have seen relationship getting worse when somebody is frank.

Sadly we even avoid the person while in conversation. And even dread meeting the person.

Or you think it is rude even to give hints etc.

Or just forget everything and continue conversation with the person and just move on….

Any members aware of any Etiquette…if at all it is there.

Is the ‘Mint’ only solution to overcome this problem ?

Members suggestions/ opinions appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

” All I need is Vitamin Sea “

corrected Photo (1 of 1)-3
Lady,Loving Pet With Mother Nature

The Sea, once it

Casts its spell,

holds one in its net of Wonder


Jacques Yves Cousteau

“Beauty is in the eye of beer holder”

Beauty in the eye of beer holder   ‘Kinky Friedman’

How old you are is

your business.

How young you look is our business.


‘ Being Rich ‘

How do you differ from Rich People ?


Can it be too true to be true ? Because human beings can never get satisfaction what they already have…and always feel ,they could have had much more and …better life….

To what extent you think you are richer ,since present day situation demands lots of expectations etc from every corner and one is really taxed from all angles ?

J A Byrdlip, my well wisher,said

“It is because the media pounds away telling you that you always need the latest gadget, the fastest gadget, the shiniest gadget and the instant gratification that goes along with it, that you forget about the basics until it is too late. Keep the mind numb and you control the person”.

Then you have Topics in the internet like….
21 ways Rich people think differently than average people

What do you think ?

Thank you for going through.

‘Upside Down’

untitled (1 of 1)-4
World Turned Upside Down

” When life turns you  Upside Down………

simply adjust your view.

That is what successful people do ”

**Doug Firebaugh

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