Donkey Worship

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Donkey worship

Usually the words ‘Donkey” “Ass” are used in a derogatory way ( Dumb ass,Jackass etc meaning people who are stupid or of very low intelligence ), even parading the donkeys during the times of Protests ( i don’t know about other countries but in India, it is a common occurrence). May be a kind of public humiliation.I do not know  why should Donkey be referred  as a stupid creature,when it is said to be an intelligent creature. I think it is the usual dominant human trait  to do injustice to the  donkey .

The other day I was surprised to come across a hung photo frame of two donkeys with Flower Garland,  at the entrance point in one of the shops.The flower indicates that Donkey is being worshiped ,daily.The local language in the photo mentions that ” Have a look at the Donkeys…. and Good fortune follows ” So I realized it is a good Omen to see Donkey face in the morning before one ventures into the routine tasks.So I was glad Donkeys are given due respect,they deserve.

As I googled I learnt a new term ONOLATRY which means Donkey worshiping,used in ancient times.

I learnt that ‘Sheetala Ashtami’ (March-April) celebrated in Rajasthan ( North Indian State) when woman folks worship the Donkey,for well being of children and people.Goddess Sheetala is said to be Goddess of Smallpox and Goddess Sheetala’s Photo frame along with a broom and water filled pot are  kept on the Donkey.Why the Donkey is chosen for this purpose…I am not sure.May be friends from Rajasthan can enrich us with better understanding

Long distance talk

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Distance doesn’t separate people.Silence does.

Risky Riders


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     ” It is Impossible ” said PRIDE                                                                                                                    ” It is Risky ” said EXPERIENCE ”                                                                                                              It is Pointless ” said REASON                                                                                                            “Give it a TRY ” whispered the HEART                                                                                         Moral of the Story – Heart always triumphs   ‘unknown’

“Please don’t retouch my wrinkles.It took me so long to earn them” Anna Magnani

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Old age is far more than white hair,wrinkles,the feeling that it’s too late,and the game is finished,that the stage belongs to the rising generations.The true evil is not the weakening of the body,but the indifference of the soul. ‘Andre Maurois’

‘Attack’ of different kind

One is aware of Heart attack,panic attack,enemy attack,,mob attack,shark attack,missile attack,bees attack…. but here we are getting awareness of different kind of attack

In the first instance of Hot attack ,I can understand tea,coffee,snacks,tiffin and meals being served ‘Hot’.Iam wondering how Fresh Juice can be served ‘Hot’ ?

In the second instance …Go kart is a popular sporting game,seen in amusement parks,brilliantly named as ‘Kart Attack’ getting one’s attention immediately.As a medical man I am aware of CART ( Chimeric Antigen Receptor Targeting) in treatment of leukemia

“The sky is a perfect empty canvas, offers clouds nonetheless, They shift and drift and beg interpretation… such is the nature of art” Jeb Dickerson

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My guess is that the clouds above are forming a circle,open for interpretation                                      “We are all connected to the great circle of life”-Mufasa-Lion King

A Happy relationship is made up of two good Forgivers

Happy forgivers
Behind every happy couple, lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and interference to be that way .Why ?? Because it’s what they wanted.                                     ‘unknown’

Don’t Litter It makes the world Bitter!

Fun fact-Sweden recycles so well,it has run out of Garbage and now must import Garbage from Norway to fuel energy programs. ‘Funny-’


Don’t wait for the ‘Perfect Moment’ Take the moment & make it Perfect

Crystal ball Photography
Are you becoming, of late sick of Photography ? Are you loosing interest in photography ?What is the percentage of Keepers you have when you take tons of shots ?Have you ever tried crystal ball photography ? I bet you enjoy it.

As long as everything is exactly the way I want it ,I am totally flexible

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My way or Highway
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An arrogant person considers himself perfect.This is the chief harm of arrogance.It interferes with a person’s main task in life- becoming a better person (Leo Tolstoy)

Perils of English Language…because too many know it. ‘Aleksandra Muraviova”

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What is depressing is,we the Indians ,in spite of under British rule for nearly 200 years,still find difficult to speak or write proper English !!!

Age is an issue of mind over matter.If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. Mark Twain

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As you grow older ,three things happen.The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two.      Norman Wisdom

To me ‘drink responsibly’ means don’t spill it

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When you make tough choices,try to imagine if you will regret it in 10 years                       ‘pinterest’

Like father…like son

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By the time a man realizes that his father was right,he has a son who thinks he’s wrong.      ‘Charles Wadsworth’

? Wasted Moments……..

There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.            Leo Christopher

Before You Judge me…..Read this !!

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Before you judge a man,walk a mile in his shoes.After that who cares?…He is a mile away and you’ve got his shoes.        Billy Connolly

Lets not meet by accident !!

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Donate blood ! But not on the roads
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If you don’t have traffic sense,you will find yourself in an ambulance

Here is a funny article on Indian Traffic

Devils Deep Discussion ( of scripture )

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There is no neutral ground in the Universe:Every square inch,Every split second, is claimed by God and counter claimed by Satan.             C.S.Lewis English Novelist

Vastness of the sky

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The largest Airplane of the world looks so small in the vastness of the Sky.                                            To exist in this vast universe for a speck of time is the great gift of God.Our tiny silver of time is our gift of Life.It is our only life,The universe will go on ,indifferent to our brief existence,but while we are here we touch not just that part of vastness,but also the lives around us.Life is the gift ,each of us has been given.Each life is our own and no one else’s.It is precious beyond all counting.It is the greatest value we can have.Cherish it for what it truly is….Your life is your alone.Rise up and live it        ‘ Terry Goodkind ‘





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Seeing animals in clouds,or a face or rabbit in the moon are examples of Pareidolia.Which animal you are seeing in this cloud formation?

What is your story ?

My story is mother Bear & its Cub





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I wonder if clouds ever look down on us and say: “Hey look.That one is shaped like an idiot””

Mother Nature is always wonderful to watch…….if only one has time,inclination and patience to watch.

Seriously talking, how many of us look up to watch the sky and the way clouds are formed at that particular moment ? Some even may say ….so what is so great ??

In the above photo,you would have noticed the clouds. See how they are arranged,with the lovely blue color background as if the Nature has used the brush strokes on the canvass.

Look up to the sky,watch the cloud formation or disintegration and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature .Remember it is the greatest free show by Mother Nature !!

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By cloud watching one can avoid boredom,since clouds are never exactly the same




“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world.I know because I’ve done it thousands of times” Mark Twain

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Whenever I think of quit smoking…..I need a cigarette to think …..!!! quote-flickr,com

As you notice,all the three person are enjoying smoking,and on the left side one can see the  notice stuck( local language), ironically  telling that the area is prohibited from smoking and offenders will be punished  !!!!!



Life isn’t perfect,but it has perfect moments

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Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away

If you don’t read the news paper,you’re uninformed.If you read the news paper you’re misinformed-Mark Twain

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It’s amazing that the amount of News that happens in the world everyday..always just exactly fits the Newspaper. ‘Jerry Seinfeld’

Many  a time I wonder what makes the street photographer invariably get tempted to take a photo of a unknown person busy reading a Newspaper !! I am not sure myself…

If body is a Temple,Why not decorate the wall ?

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Being different is pretty
Elaine Davidson-Worlds most  pierced lady,As on March 2016 she has 9800 piercings (Wikipedia). Image source citizenflip Flickr

Believe it or not

Some of us have piercing & tattoos and dye our hair,because we think it looks pretty not for any deep sociological reasons,This is not an act of protest against cultural or social repression.It is not a grand,deliberate,defiant gesture against capitalists or feminists or any other social group,It is not even a fashion equivalent to striking two fingers up at the world.

The boring truth of it,Gabriel is that I don’t dress like this to hurt my parents or draw attention to myself to make a statement.I just do it because ,it looks nice.Disappointed ??

‘Alex Bell’

Free Gift vs True Gift-Food for thought

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There is no more expensive thing than a Free Gift             ‘Michel De Montaigne’

What do you think of  Free gift ? What about  Generous gifts ? And free samples ?

Presentation vs Compliments ? What is the intention of giving a gift ? Can a gift be eternal ?

My version of  ‘True Gift’  is  TODAY …..given by God

“Yesterday is HISTORY

Tomorrow is a MYSTERY

but Today is a GIFT..

That is why we call it The Present”



Have you hugged a troll today ?

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How to win the war on Internet trolls?


Time to Hug

Hugs are one of the reasons God gave us arms.So stretch out your arm to some one today.Reach out to those you love or do not love…it will warm the heart of the giver and give light to the soul of the recipients.  ‘unknown’

‘If there’s a Wheel, there’s a Way’

Herculean Task
Champ in the making

? Peek ?? Peeking ??? Peeping

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It’s fun to peek into other peoples world & see how they go about doing things.          ‘Norah Jones’

Probably Teachers teaching ‘English Language’  can explain the meaning of above three.

May be it is human trait to be ‘curious’ about what others are up to !! And one can take it as a norm.

There are two types of “tired”,I suppose.One is a dire need of Sleep,the other is dire need of Peace ‘Unknown’

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No one notices your tears.No one notices your sadness.No one notices your pain.But they all notice your mistakes. ‘unknown’

You are Amazing.Remember that.

Happy Friendship Day

Odd man out

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If you don’t fit in,then you’re probably doing the right thing       ‘unknown’

You have to be odd to be No 1    ‘Dr.Seuss’

5 lessons in life from Dr.Seuss.

1. Today you are you.That is truer than true.There is no one alive who is youer than you.

2. Why ‘fit’ in, when you were born to ‘stand out’.

3. You have brains in your head.You have feet in your shoes.You can steer yourself                  any direction you choose.

4. Be who you are and say what you feel,because those who mind don’t matter and those       who matter ,don’t mind .

5. Today I shall behave,as if this day I will be remembered.


Shhh…I’m hiding from the stupid people

  Through out the world young children love playing  ‘hide & seek’ . I always wonder how  & why   kids get excited,when they escape the glance of their parents or friends.  wish I could go back to my childhood days  !!                                                                           caption source videolar

Ego = Bubble

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Your ego may be just a soap bubble.May be for a few seconds it will remain,rising higher in the air.Perhaps for a few seconds it may have a rainbow,but is is only for a few seconds.In this infinite & eternal existence your egos go on bursting every moment.It is better not to have any attachment with soap bubbles ‘Rajneesh’

? ? Body Language

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Body language is more powerful than words       ‘Ricky Gervais’


According to Wikidpedia, ,body language is

” the Conscious & Unconscious movements & postures by which attitudes & feelings are communicated”

Physical behavior includes, Facial expression,Gesture,Eye movements,Touch,Use of space.

In the above photo , the 6 ladies out of 7,seen to be resting their hand on their cheeks (more precisely 4 using the Left Hand, and 2 using the Right Hand,the 7 th one I am not sure)

What do you think ….their body language telling us?

Graffiti- Art or Vandalism ?

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When we destroy something created by man,we call it ‘Vandalism’. But when we destroy,something by the Nature,we call it ‘Progress’          Ed Bergley Jr

‘Observations’ of Beer Holder

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There are two reasons for drinking. One is ,when you are thirsty,to cure it. The other when you are not thirsty, to prevent it ……’

Keep Calm & Stay Curious

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                                                                                                                                                                                           Curiosity…….                                                                                                                                             Millions saw the apple fall,     but Newton asked WHY..             ” Bernard Baruch”


Locked Love

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The only thing we never get enough of is Love,and the only thing we never give enough of is Love         ‘’

or shall I put this way

Love is the Key to any Lock   ‘Quoteaddicts’

nomorelovelocks-says-paris –

Soar High

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The wings of Hope carry us.soaring high above the driving winds of Life ‘Ana Jacob ‘

If you want to soar high in the life,you have to give up the things and people that weigh you down.     ‘Rashida Rowe quotes ‘

V- for Vision

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Vision is the ART of seeing what is INVISIBLE to others     ‘Jonathan Swift ‘

Don’t give upon your Dreams…Keep Sleeping

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Sleep is the best Meditation ‘Dalai Lama’

Caption source-minion quotes

Keep Calm & Keep Walking

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Happiness is a long walk with a friend                      ‘’

Don’t walk in front of me,I may not follow

Don’t walk behind me,I may not lead

Just walk beside me and be my friend

‘Albert Camus’

Be Like A Tree

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You can never appreciate the shade of a Tree unless you sweat in the hot Sun        ‘ Desi comment’

. Stay Grounded.

.Connect with your roots..

.Turn over a New Leaf.

.Bend before you Break.

.Enjoy your unique Natural Beauty.

.Keep Growing.   -pinterest-





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Your children get only one childhood.Make it memorable     ‘ Regina Bret ‘

This kid seems to enjoy the surroundings on par with the other adults,thanks to his being elevated from the ground .Ocean of ” Heads “            ‘Hiding Heads’





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While the Person is busy with his mobile,  the Dog is wondering about the uncertain future

Man,Machine & Animal

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A dog is a good friend of a man and perhaps better than many of his best friends ‘Anujsomany’
Illustration by Nishant Choksi
Illustration by Nishant Choksi

Man,Animal,Machine …is an exploration of the evolving power roles of humans,animals and machines in the context of a domestic setting of the house.

The prey and the predator.

The hunter and the hunted.

Who will be dominant in the end ?

‘Huang Yanying’


You have to be ODD to be number ONE. ‘Dr.Seuss’

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I can’t be blamed for being Crazy and Insane.I am the product of my surroundings !!!

If you study the photo you realize this guy must be crazy.

1.He is riding the the two wheeler on the foot path.

2.He has loaded  his vehicle with heavy tyres and if I am correct probably 7 in number.

3.He is also making a balancing act.Between the tyres also seen a heavy gunny bag.

it’s OK being crazy as long as your craziness does not harm others.

Keep Calm & have a Cup of Morning Tea

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“Peace,Happiness and Joy are possible during the time I drink my Tea.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Ocean of ” Heads “

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Let us play ….”heads or Tails ”                                                                                                                          Heads: I’m yours   Tails: You’re mine

Parotta Master & His Young Disciple

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The best Teachers teach from the Heart,not from the Books

What an utmost Respect,Love and Admiration for His Master ,expressed through his EXPRESSION.

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A parotta is a layered flatbread made from maida flour,popular in South India. This bread is different from North Indian Paratha.

Parotta making is a tough job.It requires kneading of the dough for hours generally.Parotta masters are said to make about 750 to 1000 Parottas during 12 hour shift.( the Whole Wheat dough is baked on a frying pan and completed with shallow frying and  layered by coating with Ghee or oil and folding repeatedly)

Distant Hills look Beautiful.Near ones are Ugly ‘Goan Proverb’

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They say:You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.  Truth: You knew exactly what you had;you just thought you would never lose it

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

Keep Calm & Ride Your Bicycle

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Life is like a riding a bicycle.To keep your balance ,you must keep moving.                                Albert Einstein

In my childhood days,I remember ..double riding on a bicycle is an offense and punishable under Road Safety Rules. The list also includes not having bell on the cycle,poor breaking system,and not having dynamo lamp system during night rides etc.


Childs Play

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Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called ” All things that could go wrong ” Marianne Williamson

Kids Run and Jump over obstacles

Adults stumble and slip over obstacles

So when adult ever says it’s childs play

Just remember it’s the adult that can’t do it so he asks the kid- unknown

Bonding vs Secure attachment

Unaware of the sorrounding
Unaware of the surrounding and just watching the road show
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When sees a  new face,starts Feeling Secure by holding the mother’s Saree ( Saree is the garment  draped around the body,traditionally worn by women from South Asia )

Bonding is the feeling for and sense of connection of mother to the child

Secure Attachment bond refers to child’s emotional connection with the parents

Candle Lighting

‘ I have one candle of Life to burn,and I would rather burn it in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light ‘                                                                                                           Keith Falconer

?? Gossip ?? Conversation

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Which one is true ? Are they gossiping or conversing ??

World is the Wonderful place to live in … with a  lot of problems disappearing…. if only we TALK to  each other instead of ABOUT each other.

This reminds  me of the other post by  me gossip

Good Morning

Keep a Smile on your face and let your personality be your autograph.                    Goodmorning

Cellphone Slavery

Life was much easier when APPLE and BLACKBERRY  were just fruits.


We are living an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us



Fact vs Truth

All problems are ‘illusion’ of the mind                                                                                           Unknown

Food for thought- What is the difference between Fact & Truth ??



Source-‘’ The fact is everybody Farts.The truth is ‘Relief expression’ you have when you fart vs the ‘Agony feeling’when you smell the fart from the person sitting next to you.

In the first photograph,the lady rider seems to be wearing Helmet (protection against Head Injuries) and also carrying an Umbrella ( protection from Hot Sun & Unexpected Rain)

The Truth is the lady is wearing the helmet and the Fact is …she is not carrying the Umbrella.The Umbrella is  located on the Foot Path .It’s Just the ‘Point of view’ from the Camera

Camera Never Lies ?? Or does it ??


Multitasking…..The Art of messing up several things at once
“To do two things at a time is to do neither”   Pubillous Syrus  in            I st century BC

In the above photo,the gentleman is doing multiple thing at the same time.

1.  Enjoying the songs through headphone.

2.  Something kept in his mouth,I am not sure may be a red candy or a plastic card.

3.   And he is also checking the currency notes in the purse.

Dangers of Multitasking

No by two / one by two.. Phrase

No sharing please !!

Have you ever heard of this English language before ?

No by two …or  One by two,   is a funny phrase typically used in India.No other country in the world uses this phrase to my knowledge.

This phrase is typically heard at tea/coffee/soup/juice shops. What does this phrase convey?

One by two :   Here the item is divided into two roughly equal portions for sharing and invariably the shop owner has to provide an extra cup,without charging.Now the two friends can share the cup of coffee equally between them,just paying only for one cup.

No by Two:   Here the shop owner ( by displaying a notice as shown in the photo ) makes it clear that sharing of one cup of coffee is not allowed ,neither he is willing to give an extra empty cup or glass


‘Life’ stinks,but that does not mean you don’t enjoy it…. Dustin Haffman

OMG some one has soiled the air !!!

What to do ??

Say Oh Mercy….I can’t breath

Say nothing and hold your breath

Cover nose or mouth( as done by the two intelligent people in the above photo) with a scented ‘handkerchief’

Whip out your hand fan

Pray  silently



‘Chennai Floods -Dec 2015’

Nothing is as soft as Water,yet who can withstand Raging Flood ?   ‘LaoMa’
When Flood eat ants & and when flood recedes ants eat fish.Only time matters -unknown

Who can  forget Nature’s Fury affecting the Entire Tamilnadu,India  in  December 2015.

Dear PAST,thank you for all the lessons.

Dear FUTURE, I am ready !!!


‘ Left-handedness ‘

If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body….then only the left handed people are in their Right Minds !!!       – unknown

If you closely observe the above Photograph, you notice that some discussion happening among the six people, and if you dig further you will be surprised to note that 5 people among the 6, have raised their left hand ( except the person wearing red shirt ). No idea what is happening at that moment.Incidentally notice that,dominance of red color .ie Red color shirt,red color bag,two red colored motor bikes in the back ground.Red→Sign of Danger ?


Oh! Oh Seven !!

License to Lock

The popular British Spy James Bond goes by two names, James Bond and  007.

I don’t understand why the number 007 is more popular than the name James Bond.Don’t you think it is too much to name even a basic lock after 007 ?

In a lighter note…. there is a joke that 007 is a nickname given to surgeons who tend to kill their patients or the phrase ‘Here comes 007 ‘


“Childhood” – A part of life that creates beautiful memories


How I remember my childhood days when owning a telephone was beyond reach and we as kids used to play telephone conversations using  empty matchbox and a string as depicted in the cartoon.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all Life’s Seasons-unknown

Childhood memories Source E-science Center
Hello..hello.. can you hear me ?

‘Hiding Heads’

Street Photography is such a wonderful Genre ,in which  one comes across funny moments, that can disappear in fraction of second !!



‘Evolution of the Photographer’

Hasselblad H4D 200MS
All the amateurs care about, is the, EQUIPMENT
All the pros care about is,being ‘PAID’
All the masters care about ,is the LIGHT

” My way or High Way “

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I don’t care about what people think,because people don’t think.I Can manage things single handedly

Fine.we’ll compr0mise.I’ll will get my Way and you ‘ll find a Way to be OK with that.

Wisdom Quotes by Time tested Scholars

Money says Earn me …Forget everything
Time says…Follow me and Forget everything
Future says …Struggle for me , forget everything
God says …Just remember me ..I will give you everything.

“Eye of the Storm”

you can’t calm the storm…so stop trying .What you can do is calm yourself..The storm will pass. ‘Timber Hawkeyel’

Iam really fortunate and got a lovely presentation in the form of a powerful Telescope.Not only that ……I was lucky to witness and photograph the Majestic ‘Eye of the Storm’…rather of the Typhoon ‘Haima’ in Philliphines.Many thanks to this great Telescope.

Come on Friends….I am just joking.

It’s nothing but an oil stain on the road,almost giving the rainbow colours.Irony is that even the Pollutants are ‘Colourful’

P.S  Be a part of the ‘Solution’ not part of the ‘Pollution’ & if you ‘Litter’ the future will be ‘Bitter’


James Bonda vs James Bond

Indian Delicacy ready to be served & savored
‘I always enjoyed learning a new tongue’- James Bond movie line from the film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’


Sometime back when I visited a Restaurant in Bangaluru ,I got attracted to a wall photo frame of James Bond titled ‘James Bonda’, Humorously comparing a popular Indian Dish ‘Bonda’ to the popular fictional British Secret service Agent.

Bonda is a typical South Indian snack that has various sweet and spicy versions of it in different regions

Bonda References Bonda – details and analysis

The word Bonda has a web popularity of 14,300,000 pages.

What means Bonda?

The meaning of Bonda is: Former Anglo-Scandinavian form of Bóandi

Web synthesis about this name:

…Bonda is the director of interior design at the washington.

Bonda is an indian dish which is round and really spicy.

Bonda is the only place in north america that puts the finishing touches to kilometers of mohair fabric before it is ready to be sewn into.

Bonda is the director of environmental communications for environdesignworks.

Bonda is a local name for tender coconut and mela means festival.

Bonda is one item in hotels which is seen lesser and lesser now a days.

Bonda is currently the director of environmental communication for lc clark publishing co.

Bonda is a small part of the village mezzano mortegliengo.

Bonda is one of the oldest know cultures in india today.

Bonda is verder vooral de taak ervoor te zorgen dat er in de op.

What is the origin of name Bonda? Probably Romania or Russia.

Bonda spelled backwards is Adnob

This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Baodn Anbod Naobd Nodba Obnad Anodb Odban Andob

Misspells: Bonds Bondaa Bnoda Bonad Bodna




Your life is a Reflection….of your Thoughts……..

Try not to take things Personally: What people say about you  is a ‘Reflection’ of them,not you.

Be a reflector of what you’d like to see in others !

If you want Love, give Love

If you want honesty, give honesty

if you want respect, give respect

You get in return, what you give


“Time is Money” ????

Money vs Time  –  which is more valuable ??

Waste your ‘Money’,

You are only out of Money,but

Waste your ‘Time’ and

You have lost a part of your ‘Life’

Michael Leboef



“Ass hole fresh”

“People must try to be sensitive of others feelings,because NOT everyone is strong enough to endure pain,after all there is no anesthesia for emotion”…baki

As you notice in the photograph,the gentleman is making himself comfortable, by sitting on the Drinking Water cans ,ready to be used for the consumption of the customers, in the very same restaurant,tossing the  hygiene and feelings of others to the wind.

Magic of number ‘7’

Number 7…The Magic Number !!

Sitting in the back seat of the car, the other day I was trying to take a photo of the Car Light trails with my HTC mobile.
To my surprise all the lights were resembling the Number 7 !!

Of course I am not sure of the Physics behind this ,but I can tell you about the Importance of the Number -7.

7 –Climes,7-Days,7-Dwarves,
7-Sins,7-yr old ( turning point in childhood development)
7-Colours in Rainbow,7-Petals of Rose,
7-Continents,7-Body Orifices,
7-Notes in the Musical Scale,
7-Sages of Hinduism ( Saptharishis)
7-Virtues,7-layers of the OSI model ( Computers )
Rule of 7 ( Business World too likes number 7 !! )

Any idea about – 7 Year itch ?

Looks like one can go on & on………

“The Pissing Tanker”

I have learned that pleasing everyone is too hard,but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake

Who cares what anybody thinks of me ……Freedom to do,  What I want to do is  my  birth right  ….What a relief  man Don’t disturb me ….umm……..I love my country and myself …. No need to prove ! Hats off to the extreme liberty I am entitled from my country !!!!! God is great !!

Hang’em Dry

Life is too short to wear boring cloths

With rise in Electricity charges,drying cloths in the balcony of of multi floor apartments has become a common sight.

Earlier it used be an eyesore and now it has become an accepted norm.

I understand it is illegal in some Countries,not sure which country.

Definitely  balcony becoming a Laundry is a ‘Go Green’ phenomenon.

Food for thought….Yearly Emissions created by Electric cloth drying is equivalent to burning of 114 gallons of gasoline in an automobile,It will take 46 trees on full year to clean up the co2 !


Red→Sign of Danger ?

I finally realized it.People are prisoners of their Phones.That is why they are called ‘Cell’ Phones

Why the Red color is associated with Danger ?

Most of the Sign Boards showing DANGER AHEAD is painted in Red .Is there any psychological basis ?

As you notice in the photo

The gentleman’s shirt is red,the Lady’s churidar ( churidar pyjamas are tightly fitting trousers worn by both men & woman in South Asia ) is red,her footwear is red in color,the paint on the wall and so of its border .Is this observation just a coincidence ?

Present day, people are hooked/addicted to the cell phones so much that they forget their immediate  surrounding making them unaware of the dangers in the front.

In this photo, if you closely observe ,  the lady’s foot is on the manhole cover and she is busy chatting.

Imagine for a second ,  the ‘fate’ ……if the manhole cover is absent or partially removed for repair etc …Ankle sprains to fracture to head injury to sometimes death !


Concentrating on two things at one time( a sort of Multitasking), in other words one shot, two birds..source  MPSRTC


Advice from the Ocean

“The thing about meditation is : You become more and more you”            David Lynch

Be ‘Shore’ of yourself

Come out of your ‘Shell’

Take time to relax & ‘Coast’

Avoid ‘Pier’ pressure

‘Sea’ life is beauty

Don’t get ‘Tide’ down

Make ‘Waves’


‘Ignore English at your peril’

Though English is not my mother tongue,  Making my best efforts to make you understand

Food for thought ….. Distinction Between ‘English Users’ & ‘English Speakers’ ???


untitled (1 of 1)-19
‘My religion is very simple.My religion is Kindness’ The Dalai Lama

Perhaps India is the only Country in this world,where Temple & Mosque seen together.


‘Tiered Feet’

My feet may be tiered….but my soul is resting ‘The Rosa Park Story’

Tiered feet always says that ,the path is long

Jamaican Proverb

‘Daylight Long Exposure Photography’

Have you ever tried daylight Long exposure shots. Its really wonderful especially when you try to take shot from inside a moving car.Please share your experience.

Street view
“I dream my painting and I paint my dream” Vincent Van Gogh
daylight Long exposure-
“Life is a journey,not a destination” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Camera Never Lies ?? Or does it ??

untitled (1 of 1)-34
Camera only tells a part of  the ‘story’


They say camera never lies. It lies  Everyday.

“Cesar Romero”

In the above photograph if you are careless and miss the shadows, chances are that you may think of a  monster camel with one head & two bodies.

O bed! O bed! delicious bed! That heaven upon earth to the weary head. ~Thomas Hood, Miss Kilmansegg — Her Dream

Sleep sound (1 of 1)
Lion never loses sleep over the opinions of Sheep
Keep calm and Let me Sleep
Sound sleep (1 of 1)
Life goes on…..
Tiresome Journey
Sleep sound (1 of 1)-2
Just do not care ! Let me grab some sleep

Now, blessings light on him that first invented sleep! It covers a man all over, thoughts and all, like a cloak; it is meat for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, heat for the cold, and cold for the hot. It is the current coin that purchases all the pleasures of the world cheap, and the balance that sets the king and the shepherd, the fool and the wise man, even. ~Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1605

‘News Reader’

untitled (1 of 1)-31
‘To know is to know that you know nothing.That is the meaning of true knowledge’… Socrates

” If you don’t read the Newspaper,you’re


If you read the Newspaper, you’re Misinformed”

Mark Twain

‘Burnt out Life’

Burnt out  (1 of 1)
Sorrowing Soul

A burnt Cigarette Ash said:

Today it”s me, Because of you ! but

Tomorrow it is you, Because of me !!!



Heart-to-heart (1 of 1)
 Having Heart

Happiness is……having a heart-to – heart with someone you trust

‘Unity at its Best’

Feast on Banana Leaf

Feast is one happy occasion everybody loves and enjoys.

Feast is complete with main courses and desserts.

As you can notice in this photo,the Guests who are there for the Feast,keeping their hands ( as if pre planned  )across as if they are united in refusing to be served even before the Host started serving the food……Amazing sight !!!

What the Hell is happening here ?

Some interesting facts about eating on Banana leaves.

The traditional South Indian meal includes eating on a banana leaf,instead of Plates as in the rest of India.

Food is relished by eating with Hands ( hand to mouth !!).

It is said that the food tastes best and eating in banana leaves helps in easy digestion.

The rule is,bigger side of the leaf should be on your Right hand side.

The Leaf is washed with water before serving the food. ( to remove the dirt ).

Disposable of used leaves is easy unlike Plastic stuff, thus eco friendly.


‘Booze Blues ‘

Whirlpool (1 of 1)-2

If something bad happens

You ‘Drink’ in an attempt to forget;

If something Good Happens

You ‘Drink’ in order to celebrate;

And if nothing Happens

You ‘Drink’ to make Something Happen


‘ Whirlpool ‘

Whirlpool of Life

Life is like a ‘Whirlpool’

If you don’t fight it then

you will be trapped at the bottom,but

if you can fight back,you ‘ll get to the top

‘ Good life vs Dangerous life ‘

“The most Dangerous thing you can do in life is play it Safe” Cassey Neistat

What is the distane between a ‘Good Life’ & a ‘Dangerous Life’  ?

Good Life’ one one side & ‘Dangerous Life’ on the other side,Just a few feet apart……..



‘ Red-Force ‘

untitled (1 of 1)-33
when in doubt wear red ” Bill Blass

Red is the colour that makes people Hungry

Red instantly attracts attention,makes

People excited,energetic,

And increases the Heart rate.

‘ the psychology of colour’

‘ Monkey Secrets ‘

Can you keep the secret ?

” The Biggest Guru -Mantra is

Never share your secrets with anybody.It will

destoy you  ”



Image source-jinterwas

‘Life vs Time’

untitled (1 of 1)-32
Is life too short ?

” Life is SHORT

Time is FAST



So ENJOY every moment

As it comes ”


‘Crows in Line ‘


Crows in Line
Curious Crows

Three Crows looking in the same Direction……

What is that they are attracted to ?

I am not sure.

Any scientific explanation behind this ?

Thank you so much for going through .


Dragon Fly – Symbol of Fairytales

Dragon fly-Fairytale symbol
Fairytale Signature

Can anybody enlighten me, why every fairy tale / movie, symbolically mentions/ shows Dragonflies ?
What is Dragon fly to do with Fairy Tales ?

Thank you so much for going through the post.

‘ Uncertain ‘

Life is Uncertain

” Uncertainity is the only Certainity there is ,

And true Security is the result of anchoring oneself to the Certainity of Uncertainity ”

Teal Swan


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