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"The Earth Is Art,The Photographer is only A Witness"- Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Good Morning

Keep a Smile on your face and let your personality be your autograph.                    Goodmorning

Cellphone Slavery

Life was much easier when APPLE and BLACKBERRY  were just fruits.


We are living an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us



Fact vs Truth

All problems are ‘illusion’ of the mind                                                                                           Unknown

Food for thought- What is the difference between Fact & Truth ??



Source-‘’ The fact is everybody Farts.The truth is ‘Relief expression’ you have when you fart vs the ‘Agony feeling’when you smell the fart from the person sitting next to you.

In the first photograph,the lady rider seems to be wearing Helmet (protection against Head Injuries) and also carrying an Umbrella ( protection from Hot Sun & Unexpected Rain)

The Truth is the lady is wearing the helmet and the Fact is …she is not carrying the Umbrella.The Umbrella is  located on the Foot Path .It’s Just the ‘Point of view’ from the Camera

Camera Never Lies ?? Or does it ??


Multitasking…..The Art of messing up several things at once
“To do two things at a time is to do neither”   Pubillous Syrus  in            I st century BC

In the above photo,the gentleman is doing multiple thing at the same time.

1.  Enjoying the songs through headphone.

2.  Something kept in his mouth,I am not sure may be a red candy or a plastic card.

3.   And he is also checking the currency notes in the purse.

Dangers of Multitasking

No by two / one by two.. Phrase

No sharing please !!

Have you ever heard of this English language before ?

No by two …or  One by two,   is a funny phrase typically used in India.No other country in the world uses this phrase to my knowledge.

This phrase is typically heard at tea/coffee/soup/juice shops. What does this phrase convey?

One by two :   Here the item is divided into two roughly equal portions for sharing and invariably the shop owner has to provide an extra cup,without charging.Now the two friends can share the cup of coffee equally between them,just paying only for one cup.

No by Two:   Here the shop owner ( by displaying a notice as shown in the photo ) makes it clear that sharing of one cup of coffee is not allowed ,neither he is willing to give an extra empty cup or glass


‘Life’ stinks,but that does not mean you don’t enjoy it…. Dustin Haffman

OMG some one has soiled the air !!!

What to do ??

Say Oh Mercy….I can’t breath

Say nothing and hold your breath

Cover nose or mouth( as done by the two intelligent people in the above photo) with a scented ‘handkerchief’

Whip out your hand fan

Pray  silently



‘Chennai Floods -Dec 2015’

Nothing is as soft as Water,yet who can withstand Raging Flood ?   ‘LaoMa’
When Flood eat ants & and when flood recedes ants eat fish.Only time matters -unknown

Who can  forget Nature’s Fury affecting the Entire Tamilnadu,India  in  December 2015.

Dear PAST,thank you for all the lessons.

Dear FUTURE, I am ready !!!


‘ Left-handedness ‘

If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body….then only the left handed people are in their Right Minds !!!       – unknown

If you closely observe the above Photograph, you notice that some discussion happening among the six people, and if you dig further you will be surprised to note that 5 people among the 6, have raised their left hand ( except the person wearing red shirt ). No idea what is happening at that moment.Incidentally notice that,dominance of red color .ie Red color shirt,red color bag,two red colored motor bikes in the back ground.Red→Sign of Danger ?


Oh! Oh Seven !!

License to Lock

The popular British Spy James Bond goes by two names, James Bond and  007.

I don’t understand why the number 007 is more popular than the name James Bond.Don’t you think it is too much to name even a basic lock after 007 ?

In a lighter note…. there is a joke that 007 is a nickname given to surgeons who tend to kill their patients or the phrase ‘Here comes 007 ‘

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